Film Archive Screening In Wellington This Week (1)

Posted Tuesday 06 May 2014

Wednesday 7 May

Death in the Family (1987, dir. Peter Wells and Stewart Main, 48 min, PG) screens alongside Pansy (2001, dir. Peter Wells, 52 min, Exempt)

Mediatheatre 7 pm

A Death in the Family is a human drama about sexuality, death and the victory of love. "It is July 1985. Andrew Boyd, a New Zealander visiting Sydney for treatment, is told he has five days to live. He has AIDS. He is the fourth person diagnosed in New Zealand." Andrew's friends gather around to look after him. His family pay a brief visit leaving a cheque to help his friends with the expenses.

Pansy adopts a personal voice and poetic style of film making. Writer/director Peter Wells looks at his life through pansy-tinted glasses as he makes the journey back to his childhood in this autobiographical documentary. Charting the voyage of a man who later became an outspoken New Zealand gay artist, it looks back at the complications of his past and a period of time when it was compulsory to be straight. He also recalls the loss of his brother Russell to HIV AIDS in 1989.


Thursday 8, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 May

United in Anger: A History of ACTUP (US, 100 min, Exempt, directed by Jim Hubbard)

Mediatheatre 7 pm also 4.30 pm Saturday

ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) is an international direct action advocacy group working to bring about legislation, medical research, treatment and policies that will ultimately bring an end to HIV AIDS.

United in Anger is a documentary that puts the audience, through rare archival footage, on the ground with the activists to explore ACT UP from a grassroots perspective - how a small group of men and women of all races and classes, came together in New York City in 1987 to change the world and save each other's lives.

Tickets $8 / $6

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Free Film Screening at AAG This Weekend

Posted Tuesday 06 May 2014

If you are in Auckland this weekend here are two films from the Kete Aronui series, Merata Mita and John Miller.

Screening Saturday, 10 May 2014 at 1 pm
Auckland Art Gallery

Merata Mita
New Zealand | 2007 | 28mins | Director: Rhonda Kite

The episode follows film pioneer Merata Mita. Mita produced vital work anchored in culture and community. This extract concentrates on the occupation of Bastion Point - Mita and protest leader Joe Hawke talk of how 25 May 1978 shaped her concerns as a filmmaker: "It was life, it was a transformation". Includes footage from PatuMauri,Bastion Point: Day 507, and Utu, as well as covering Mita's work running a lab for indigenous filmmakers.

John Miller
New Zealand | 2007 | 28mins | Director: Rhonda Kite

A profile of photographer John Miller, capturing the man behind the camera and his driving force to document the development of M?ori self-determination in context with the rest of New Zealand society.

As always, DOCommunity screenings are free of charge so save the date and tell a friend.

Documentary Edge Festival 2014 is in Auckland soon, from May 21- June 2 in Auckland at Q Theatre. Festival programmes will be available at the screening.