Food for Thought Needs Your Support

Posted Friday 30 May 2014

WIFT member Robin Murphy has been working on a project (with her mum) called Food For Thought. This project has a strong emphasis on women telling women's stories, with age not being a barrier, which she thinks members would be interested in it.....

Here's the link to the crowd funding site:

And to their facebook page which is building up plenty of news and stories around the project:

They've managed to reach 20 % of their target, just 4 days into the 60 day campaign, but they've still got a way to go....

You can contact Robin at the addresses below if you would like to know more!


Food for Thought

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Gardening With Soul Opens in Oz

Posted Friday 30 May 2014

Film Ink, Australia's influential online news site that deals with film and television, has given top billing to the opening there of Gardening with Soul produced by WIFT member Vicky Pope.  Here's the tagline:

"Finally, for something completely different to the blockbusters that dominate our cinemas, be sure to check out the doco,Gardening With Soul, which opens today (May 29) in cinemas where all good films are found."

Thanks cobbers and members please feel free to send this onto your buddies in the screen industry in the land of Oz.