Welcome to new members!

Posted Tuesday 06 May 2014

We've had a steady stream of new members come on board since February - so we would like to extend a big welcome to:

Aly Cook, Kira Strongman, Andrew Cooper, Jane Warren, Gervais Laird, Alison Heath, Kelly Chen, Elspeth Carroll, Stacey Morrison, Kirsten Green, Jessica Jones, Lisa Marshall, Louise Higgins, Maddy Maxwell, Raewynne Jacobs, Lucia Rive, Madia Maxwell, Sarah Finnie, Lesley Bandy, Mary-Anne Bourke, Antoinette Wilcox, Linda Halle, Tim Hope, Rachael Sheehan, Hilary Combes, Louise Ryan, Gemma Duncan, Jan Sisley, Chelsea Winstanley, Cathy MacDonald, Susan Parker and Sue Marshall


We hope your time with WIFT NZ is rewarding and helpful to you and your career. Well done - you've made a great choice!