Feel like playing Santa Claus?

Posted Monday 03 Nov 2014

Make WIFT member Nathalie Boltt's Xmas dreams come true and crowd fund this daringly fun little festive season film!

Here's a teaser...


Once you're recovered, you're most welcome to pledge (they would love you to):


With only a week to go they are pulling out all the stops! If they don't make their goal of $4500 they don't get a penny! Not a nickel.

So if you think you could spare a tenner (or several!) or know someone else who could, please send this on! And even if you can't, feel free to tweet it, share it, shout it from the rooftops. Don't hold back, really.
For your efforts, you will be showered with love, bling - and entertainment!  from Nathalie and the Vajazzle Team.