Gender in Media - an international update

Posted Tuesday 07 Oct 2014

We are not alone - women throughout the film and television industry are questioning the gender imbalance and asking what we can do to fix it - read on....

First-ever global gender in film study finds women are ignored

(CBS News)

Only 23% of films globally had female protagonists from 2010 to 2013, and 31% of speaking characters were women, according to a global gender in film study from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media conducted by Dr. Stacy Smith, USC Annenberg. Just 8% of those films had female directors. Despite the popularity of female-led blockbusters like "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight," the Institute's research suggests that women have not advanced their influence in films since the 1940s. "So many people assume that we are done.... The percentage of female lead characters and speaking characters have yet to improve," said Davis. KPCC-FM (Los Angeles)(9/23), CBS News (9/23), USA Today (9/22), (9/22), Upworthy (9/23), Bloomberg BNA (free content) (9/22), The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (9/24), The Huffington Post (9/24)


DGA: Only 17% of episodic TV directors last season were female

The Women's Steering Committee of the Directors Guild of America celebrated its 35th anniversary on Saturday, and put out a call to increase the number of women who work on television shows and in films. The DGA released a report last week that showed that just 17% of the 776 episodic TV directors in the 2013-2014 season were female. The Hollywood Reporter (free content) (9/22)


Study: Women are the minority in movies across the world
FiveThirtyEight (9/22)

Commentary: Why India needs powerful women in Bollywood, and beyond
The Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model) (9/23)

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FREE Tickets - of course!

Posted Tuesday 07 Oct 2014

Huge thanks to the good folk at Trigger Marketing who continue to supply us with free tickets to new releases - they know we love a good competition!

The latest release is the Indian drama, Siddharth in NZ cinemas on October 9.

We have 5x double passes to giveaway. Just watch the trailer and answer this simple question:

In which Indian state is the factory Siddarth is sent away to work in?

Answers in the subject line please to by 5 pm Thursday 9 October. Winners only will be notified.

About the film: After sending away his 12 year-old son Siddharth for work, Mahendra (a chain-wallah who specializes in fixing broken zippers on the streets) is relieved as his financial burdens will be alleviated. But when Siddharth fails to return home, Mahendra learns he may have been taken by child-traffickers. With little resources and no connections, he travels across India in pursuit, with the hope that whatever force arbitrarily took his child away will return him unharmed.

You can view the trailer