Meet Peter Needs Your Vote!

Posted Tuesday 07 Oct 2014

There are caves under the streets of Auckland. Over 200 of them. WIFT member Gemma Duncan and her team are making Meet Peter, a Fresh Shorts-funded documentary about these volcanic lava caves. The caves are dark, mysterious and surprisingly full of human history, but public access to visit them is limited.

So not only are the team making a highly-visual film, but also an interactive website so that audiences (YOU) can experience these caves where access is otherwise limited. The website will include a realistic, interactive 3D walkthrough of one of Auckland's largest and untouched lava caves.

The film is in edit. The award-winning designer and developer are working on the website right now. The 3D map is being compiled by local surveying company Envivo and looking impressive!

The team need your help. Director Gemma Duncan has applied for an AMP Scholarship to pay for the hosting of this data-heavy website for 5+ years. She's calling for your vote. So if you want the chance to experience the lava caves found under your feet, here's how you can help:

- Click on the link below and hit the 'VOTE NOW' button

- If you're at work, ask your colleagues to check out the project and to vote if they like it. Similarly if you're at home, please share with your family

- And share share share with your friends via social media.

Voting closes 13th October but you've only got one vote so please make it count:


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Where are the Women Filmmakers - Followup

Posted Tuesday 07 Oct 2014

Last month the Directors and Editors Guild and WIFTNZ ran a stimulating event at The Basement Theatre in Auckland, discussing the gender imbalance amongst directors and editors in the NZ screen industry. DEGNZ is pleased to offer members a link (below) to a recording of this lively discussion.

For those of you who attended, here is a reminder of what happened.

For those of you who didn't, here it is for you to enjoy!

NB. For those of you in Wellington, you may want to attend our group screening of this video at the Wellington Lunchtime session on October 15th at the Film Commission. Email out for RSVPs shortly.

Where are the Women Filmmakers?

Broadcaster Kim Hill moderated, with panellists Cushla Dillon, Gaylene Preston, Annie Goldson and Jackie van Beek looking at why the imbalance exists and what can be done about it.

The packed house expressed overwhelming support for positive discrimination, by way of a targeted fund.
Follow this link to view the video.
Password: womeninfilm

WIFT NZ thanks all those who contributed and participated in the discussion.

Hot off the press!

As you might have seen NZFC has appointed a Strategy & Insights Advisor Selina Joe who is responsible for audience insights and research. 
She has generated this great paper on NZFC Feature Film Development Funding Information on Gender 2009-2014, which addresses some questions that many people have asked. As we know there are areas for improvement, and now with facts in front of us we can develop strategies for future growth.


See her results here.