Last Week for Pa Boys Screening

Posted Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

A road movie with heart, Danny, Cityboy and Tau are The P? Boys, a band with ambitions to take their music to Cape Reinga, the northernmost tip of Aotearoa New Zealand. But the band soon finds there's more to this tour than the music, as questions about identity, wh?nau and whakapapa take The P? Boys on unexpected journeys.

Shot in just 28 days in remote locations across the North Island, The P? Boys captures the energy and intimacy of a band on the road, showcasing the cast's musical talents through a script that explores the gift of friendship, the strength of family, and the importance of ancestors.

7pm Wednesday 24, Thursday 25, Friday 26, Saturday 27 September
4.30pm Saturday 27 September

Mediatheatre, Film Archive, Taranaki Street, Wellington

$10 / $8

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Jeff Gomez returns to NZ!

Posted Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

Jeff GomezJeff Gomez "Transmedia Storytelling" Masterclass - Auckland 2014. He transfixed us (and became a WIFT member) at last year's Transmedia conference and he's back for more....

A one-day masterclass with the world's foremost transmedia producer (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Coca-Cola, the Colombian government...)

October 14

Transmedia Storytelling for Entertainment, Brands, Marketing, Governments, Education, and Social Change.