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Posted Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

You might not be able to get to his seminar in November in London, but we can share some of Stephen's research with you... He is leading (along with James Cotton) a four-month part-time programme around micro-budget feature films. He wants to ensure the industry is teaching what is actually happening in the industry today, rather than outdated ideas or common misconceptions. So, being the data-driven fiend that he is , he has performed a number of studies into the topic.

Here are some of the results from a survey he conducted with 542 film industry business professionals who have attended Cannes, AFM or Berlin in the past five years.

In summary...

  • Across 542 film professionals, $396,000 was deemed the maximum budget for a "micro-budget" film
  • The maximum budget for "low budget" films was $2.1million
  • Film professionals in Africa feel that a film must be budgeted at least $3.4 million to be commercially viable
  • The figure for film professionals in South America was just $1.2 million

You can see the full results, split by sector and region here

P.S. If you would like to join Stephen on the course then there are still a few tickets available. The early bird discount ends at the end of the week so be quick. The line-up of speakers is really strong (and growing!) You can find out more at

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