Opportunity from WIFT International Network

Posted Monday 08 Sep 2014

You are no longer tied to your cable company to get entertaining, engaging, educational and thought provoking TV shows - FOCUS TV is your online TV Network.

FOCUS Network TV which will be launching April 2015. The are a non-profit corporation providing TV programming strictly online.

Live Talk Show - Monday to Friday in studio interviews and on location reporting from around the globe

FREE Channels - with quality programming - do you have a show idea you would like to see on the air that will fit into their programming? (Cultural Channel, Planet Channel, Youth Channel, Life Channel, Faith Channel, Fit Channel)

Subscription Channels - Inspire Channel for personal and business development and mentorship community. And Movie Channel for independent film-makers - these channels are revenue shared channels so all those contributing content will be sharing in the revenue each quarter. More details to come on how this works shortly.

FOCUS are also looking for Host and Co-Host for their Live Talk Show, along with global reporters; writers, producers, film crew, post production crews, sales and marketing personnel, etc to join us - CV's will be accepted in January 2015. Watch their website for details on when and how to submit your resume.

For more information on programming or to inquire on how you can be a part of FOCUS Network TV email filmsbyceejay@gmail.com. All WIFTV members will be given first consideration in programming and hiring initiatives. FOCUS Network TV is based out of Kelowna, BC and will be having national and international studios - more information will come when those locations are ready to launch.



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HOPE AND WIRE Drama Selected for Vancouver International Film Festival

Posted Monday 08 Sep 2014

Hope and Wire, Gaylene Preston's drama set in post-earthquake Christchurch, has been announced as an official selection at the Vancouver International Film Festival, where it will screen in the Festival on October 5 and 6. This will be followed by a screening of the entire Hope and Wire television series at the Vancouver Film Centre on October 19.

Preston, who directed, wrote and produced (with Chris Hampson) the series, will be attending both Festival screenings. She has also been invited to sit on the VIFF jury selecting the best Canadian feature film.

VIFF artistic director, Alan Franey, said: "Hope and Wire is an unprecedented and truly extraordinary screen-event directed by the renowned New Zealand filmmaker Gaylene Preston. Utilizing a mix of dramatic staging, found footage and documentary elements, it captures a complex and extraordinary situation vividly and humanely." 

Preston has a long-standing relationship with the Vancouver International Film Festival: "Since Ruby and Rata screened there,  my films have found a warm and appreciative audience at VIFF. It's great that the Festival is going to honour Hope and Wire in the same way."

She was in Vancouver earlier this year as the mentor director at the Canadian Creative Women's Workshops: Women In The Director's Chair programme..

She also featured on a panel titled "Tough Stuff" at WORD Christchurch Readers and Writers Festival recently, alongside writers Rebecca McFie and Lloyd Jones, discussing 'writing on difficult subjects' with Finlay Macdonald.