Stephen Fellows Course on Microbudgeting

Posted Tuesday 09 Sep 2014

Stephen Follows was behind the recent research on women in the film industry that prompted WIFT's own response and a meeting of minds to ask where are all the women in film in New Zealand.

London-based Stephen has now  teamed up with producer James Cotton to create a new course.  It's called 'Micro-Budget Mentor' ( and it's aimed at helping producers and filmmakers make and sell their micro-budget feature films. Micro-budgeting - now that is something NZ filmmakers are very familiar with!

The Micro-Budget Mentor course mixes lectures, workshops, mentoring and an online resource to address this situation.  It takes place part-time in London between November 2014 and February 2015 and will cover the entire journey of making a film. Speakers include many experienced industry pros and already confirmed are producer Ken Marshall of Steel Mill Pictures (London to Brighton, Song For Marion, Filth), Kate Muir, chief film critic of The Times, Dave Morrison of accountancy firm NLP, Phil Rymer, partner at Lewis Silkin LLP, a representative from Film London, sales agent Mark Vennis of Moviehouse, and producer Andy Brunskill of SUMS Film and Media (Lilting).

  • The course is based in London so if you are spending summer up in the North Hemisphere and this course appeals to you, then check out the website

WIFT will keep you up to date with Stephen's work and research as it is published. You can follow him at: