Tired of Election Coverage?

Posted Monday 08 Sep 2014

Take a walk down memory lane with this selection from NZ On Screen...


Helen Clark: The Road to Power
This excerpt from the recent biographical documentary on our long-reigning PM looks at efforts to revamp her personal style and presentation for the leadership. Clark's pragmatic ability to hold together a divided centre-left is also touched on - a subject still relevant to present day politics. Watch


Caterina De Nave - RIP
Trail-blazing producer Caterina De Nave has passed away. She was the founding producer of Shortland St, and a driving force in later hit TV3 dramas and comedies such as Outrageous Fortune and bro'Town. This Spotlight collection showcases some of De Nave's impressive body of work.


A Dog's Show - 1981 Final
Primetime television and dogs wrangling sheep - oddly, a fit as comfortable as a Swanndri and gumboots for NZ audiences. For 15 years, A Dog's Show filled our Saturday evening living rooms with whistles and commands: a New Zealand Idol for the canine class. Watch

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Invitation to WIFT Members

Posted Monday 08 Sep 2014


Organisers would like to extend an invitation to the WIFT membership to attend a Hollywood Transmedia event at the NZ Game Developers Association conference.

Two transmedia gurus will discuss how the worlds of film, TV and interactive gaming and apps are coming closer together and what it means for NZ screen producers.

"Hollywood's Business Case For Games and Transmedia"

- David S. Rosenbaum, David Rosenbaum - Former VP Licensing of Paramount Pictures and LA-based entertainment lawyer.

"Adapting Marvel Heroes into a World not just a Storyline"

- Dave Brevik, CEO of Gazillion Games, holder of the Marvel Universe gaming rights.

Hear how Hollywood IP holders view and manage their interactive licenses and transmedia apps, and how this could apply to NZ productions.  This is an opportunity for screen producers to meet New Zealand game developers who have produced movie and TV tie-in games for Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, BBC, Lionsgate.  We'll also discuss how joint transmedia productions can work under the NZ Screen Production Grant.

The event is free, however, we require everyone to register online at:


This event is sponsored by the NZ Film Commission, Film Auckland and the NZ Game Developers Association and hosted by Colab at AUT University.


6:00pm - Arrive 
6:15pm - Presentations
7:00pm - Nibbles & networking 
7:45pm - Ends