Win! Two double family passes to The Listies 6D!

Posted Tuesday 09 Sep 2014

Calling all parents, grandparents, aunts and good friends of friends with children....

The Listies 6D - opening performance Tuesday 30 September, 11am

Auckland Live presents

The Listies 6D (It's twice as good as 3D)

Other performances

Tuesday 30 September - Wednesday 1 October, 11.00am
Thursday 2 - Saturday 4 October, 11.00am and 2.00pm

They sold out the Sydney Opera House, made Edinburgh ROFLSHALBOWCOs (Roll on the Floor Laughing So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Comes Out) and now Oz's funniest kids comics bring their show about all about the movies, The Listies 6D to the Herald Theatre these October holidays.

Imagine the best movie you've ever seen. Now, times it by a million then add 1. That's how good The Listies 6D will be. They are probably going to get an Oscar, or a Tony or at least meet someone called Oscar or Tony! Expect LOLs, ROFLs, and even ROFLSHALBOWCOs (Rolling on the Floor Laughing So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Comes Out).

The Silver screen is about to get brown.

We have two double passes to the opening performance of The Listies 6D - just visit for the answer to this simple question:

Tell us how many dimensions of fun The Listies in 6D is to be in to win!

Answers email only to - with answer in the subject line by 5 pm Thursday 11 September. We will contact winners only.