NZ Movie Premiere: 'Song of the New Earth'

Posted Sunday 26 Apr 2015


SPECIAL WIFT OFFER:   $35 (with ID) Instead of $45


Voted #3 most heart-warming movie by Huffington Post, 2014!!

5pm 2 May 2015, St Columba Centre, Ponsonby, Auckland



This warm, funny and heart-moving review of sound and vibrational specialist, Tom Kenyon over a 40 year journey into sound as a healing modality. From award winning Ward Serril and co-producer, Betsy Chasse (What the Bleep do we Know?"), this movie explores the relationship between the quantum and the mystical, the clinical and the spiritual.  The executive Producer, Anne Huxtable is in New Zealand 27 April - 2 May 2015



Funds raised will go to ADNZ - to support two Autistic kids, Noah and Georgie each needing a $20,000 trained dog.

"Serendipity" has bought the two together, says event organiser, Maree Neal, Maree Neal Consulting. 027 452 2040. The evening will be opened by Crystal Didgeridoo expert, Jason Friedlander and closed by Executive Producer, Anne Huxtable who is travelling with the movie.  It is an experiential evening!


Official Trailer, New Zealand online Bookings and back story on the Autistic Kids here



Three part evening!

Jason Friedlander - Crystal Didgeridoo Opening;

88 Minutes of warm, funny and heart-moving Tom Kenyon Movie

Anne Huxtable - Executive Producer - in NZ for 7 days!


Proceeds to Autistic kids needing $20,000 trained dogs


5pm, 2 May 2015, St Columba Centre, Ponsonby, Auckland


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Door Sales:  $45

WIFT OFFER:  $35 (with ID)



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