We are the Remarkables Pushes Transmedia Boundaries

Posted Monday 13 Apr 2015

Congratulations to WIFT member Kerry Warkia (Brown Sugar Apple Grunt) for receiving funding for We Are The Remarkables.

NZ On Air and the Canada Media Fund (CMF) recently announced a contribution of $1.2M (CAD) to three digital media co-productions. Of the total, NZ On Air will contribute 582,000 (CAD) and the CMF will contribute 618,000 (CAD) towards the projects.

The Canada-New Zealand Digital Media Fund was established to encourage the co-production of innovative digital media projects for online audiences that would appeal culturally to both New Zealand and Canadian audience.

We Are The Remarkables is an app for both iOS and Android aimed at 6-8 year old children, it includes puzzles, games and video episodes which are also available through a website and a YouTube channel. The different elements encourage children to unlock mysteries as they follow the path which weaves New Zealand and Canadian cultures into the story. Great idea Kerry and well done!