Amuse more then your Bouche

Posted Tuesday 18 Aug 2015

Subscribe to WIFT member Nathalie Boltt's web series and make it happen!

Bon Appetit! The first three episodes of their wicked webseries are

cooked and ready to serve - take a look at their irresistible trailer

for a taste of what's to come. If you think it's delicious, show them

some love by subscribing to their Youtube channel

(just click on 'subscribe' at the end of the clip) and you'll be the

first to savour each new ep, update or outtake.
And, as you can imagine, this fare is not vanilla - it's an explosion

of fun, flavour and flamboyance  that will amuse more than just

your bouche!

Enjoy! And feel free to share with friends, foes, freaks and family

Watch the Dropped Pie trailer on our Youtube channel now!