Swedish Film Industry Leads March Toward Gender Equality

Posted Monday 31 Aug 2015

If you can lay your hands on a copy of Aussie film mag, FILMINK, the latest issue just out is very interesting with a focus on women in the industry.  While they celebrate a host of talented women both on screen and behind the camera, covering some of the biggest female-driven films to hit screens this year, they also explore the industry's devastating gender divide. Whether you're a filmmaker or a film lover, it's an unmissable issue.


If you can't get your hands on a copy - here is Cara Nash's thoughtful story about Sweden's gender initiative.

The article confirms Australian women filmmakers face the same gender equality issues as we do, and instead of just talking about the issue, the Swedish Film Institute is implementing changes at a policy level to redress the industry's gender imbalance.

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WIFTI Short Film Showcase now open.

Posted Monday 31 Aug 2015

The 11th Annual WIFTI Showcase is on March 8, 2016.

To submit your film, click here (http://mediafusionent.com/WIFTIShortcase.html )

Click here to complete the Submission Form


If you have questions, please feel free to contact WIFTI Short-Case Producers:

Carol Bidault de l'Isle / Sheri Leigh Myers


About the Short-Case:

WIFTI Short Film Showcase ("Short-Case") is a powerful demonstration of members' creativity, vision, and artistry. Founded in 2004, the Showcase presents selected films from WIFTI Chapters around the world; some of the recent Showcase short films have been nominated for Academy Awards received distribution deals and garnered other recognition globally.  WIFTI encourages unique points of view and storytelling that focus on subjects/issues that concern women. The Short-Case is for WIFTI Chapter Members only - please do not submit if you or your producer are NOT a member of a WIFTI Chapter.

Selection Process:

- Films will be evaluated in their entirety by film professionals;

- WIFTI Producers & WIFTI Selection Committee will determine Final Selection and select a film(s) from each participating WIFTI Chapter in good standing.

Award Winners Announced:

Final Show-Case will be judged by a Jury of professionals in the industry, including the WIFTI Producers. The selection process will involve an evaluation of all films in their entirety, using an evaluation form. The final award winner will include: Best of Narration, Best of Animation and Best of Documentary.


September 1, 2015:           Early Submission

October 15, 2015:    Deadline for all Entries

January 8 2016:      Finalists Announced

February 8 2016:     Award Winners Announced (Best of Narration, Best of Animation and Best of Documentary)

March 8 2016:         WIFTI Short-Case in celebration of International Women's Day

Submission fees:

There is NO FEE for submitting films either by chapter or by members. It is a benefit of your membership.

Prizes:CASH prizes of $750 for each Best of Narration, Best of Animation and Best of Documentary that will be awarded by the Jury. These prizes will be awarded to the director of the Shorts.