Unitec Launches Transmedia Course

Posted Tuesday 04 Aug 2015

Those of you who attended Jeff Gomez's masterclasses may be particularly excited by this news. Congratulations to Unitec and WIFT member and sponsor Athina Tsoulis for leading the way in the Transmedia world with their Masters of Creative Practice which is ready for its first intake.

This highly practical course will be taught by masters in the field, Alex Alexander and Christy Dena to name a few.

The line-up of experts will deliver in workshop style and Unitec are very keen that members of the industry undertake this course whilst working on a real project for their own businesses, employers or for funding purposes.

Transmedia Storytelling, Design and Production are intertwined and becoming an essential part of any project development process to help with maximizing story across various platforms, identifying potential audiences and revenue streams.

The aim is to have real impact in the industry, with real practical outcomes for this transmedia pathway and it not to be just an academic exercise.

For more information contact: Athina on atsoulis@unitec.ac.nz