Crossing Rachmaninoff scores distribution deal with Rialto

Posted Friday 04 Dec 2015

Congratulations to WIFT member Rebecca Tansley whose feature film documentary Crossing Rachmaninoff has secured theatrical release in New Zealand in early 2016 as part of an Australasian distribution agreement with Rialto Distribution.

Under the deal, the film, which premiered to a standing ovation at the 2015 New Zealand International Film Festival in July, will screen in theatres throughout New Zealand followed by DVD and VOD releases.

Crossing Rachmaninoff follows aspiring Italian-born pianist Flavio Villani, now living in New Zealand, as he prepares Rachmaninoff's famous Piano Concerto No. 2 for his first performance with an orchestra back in his homeland. It explores Flavio's relationship with the music, his personal struggles, the story behind the music and the commitment it takes to be a professional musician.

Crossing Rachmaninoff was directed and produced by Auckland-based Rebecca Tansley. It was shot in New Zealand and Italy by award-winning cinematographer Simon Raby. Sound was recorded by veteran mixer Mike Westgate, who used a Soundfield microphone to capture Flavio's rehearsals with the orchestra and the final performance. The film, which was edited by Thomas Gleeson, received a Post Production Finishing Grant from the NZFC and features a stunning 5.1 audio mix thanks to Park Road Post.

"I set out to ensure the film's audience feel like they are actually in the concert hall when Flavio rehearses and performs with the orchestra," says Tansley. "It's great people can see the film in cinemas, because that's where we can best achieve that effect. All the festival audiences applauded as if they were at the live performance, so I'm thrilled many more people will have the opportunity to enjoy that experience."

Go see if you get the opportunity this summer!