Film project needs you!

Posted Monday 21 Dec 2015

WIFT member Kathleen Winter is currently looking for participants for a film project called 'Minimum'.

Minimum is a feature-length film project, which will follow a day in the life of a range of different women working minimum wage and under-appreciated jobs in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The first step is to gather stories from as many women as possible about their experiences working in these positions. Stories can be submitted anonymously through an online form: .

This page also links to the project's website which gives more information about who, why and how.

Kathleen hopes that documenting these experiences will raise awareness around low-wage working conditions, and that it will be a step toward improving working lives for women.

Minimum is an inquiry into the lives of women who work jobs that are under-paid and under-valued. This is a call for you to share your story. Your story can revolve around your day-to-day treatment at work, on one-off events or on ongoing realities of living on a low wage. There is no minimum or maximum length. This form can be used to submit your story in text form. Some contributors will be invited to tell their story in an on-camera interview. You can choose to submit your story anonymously. No personal information, or your story, will be shared without your express permission. To find out more about the project, go to



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WIFT Members and Sponsors Winners in Latest Funding Round

Posted Monday 21 Dec 2015

Xmas has come early for some of our WIFT sponsors (and members who will be working on these projects) who have secured funding from NZ on Air for various projects next year.

So congratulations to:

WIFT member Arani Cuthbert who has ensured that Jools and Lynda Topp will return with a third and final series of their hugely popular Topp Country.

Topp Country 3, 10 x � hr, Diva Productions for TV One, $746,007

Conversations With Young Mums, produced by WIFT member Vicky Pope, seeks to defy the stereotypes of young mums by humanising the teenagers' stories and allowing an intimate window into their complex lives. Their stories are told through a combination of photographic portraits, personal quotes and video.

Conversations With Young Mums, POP Film,  $175,000

Ranked within the top 25 most powerful women in the world according to the Forbes list, Helen Clark is at the forefront of global change in 2016. WIFT member and award winning writer and director, Gaylene Preston will take us behind the scenes of this critical year. Produced by Preston, Catherine Madigan and EP, Alex Behse.

My Year With Helen, 1 x 1 hr, Gaylene Preston Productions for TV3, $199,000

Great Southern Television for securing funding for Minority Reports (working title), to be presented by respected broadcast journalist Mihingarangi Forbes, will screen on TV3 on Sunday mornings and be available on demand shortly after. The producers have promised  current affairs investigations, arts, and culture stories seen through an indigenous lens. The series is co-funded with Te M?ngai Paho and will be supported by TV3.

Minority Reports, 30 x � hr, Great Southern Television for TV3,  $400,000 (Platinum)

The homegrown murder-mystery series The Brokenwood Mysteries made by SPP will be back for a third season with the support of NZ On Air.

The first two seasons on Prime have attracted a devoted audience and have been a colourful addition to the local drama slate.

"We have been delighted by the quirky characters and storylines. The murder-mystery genre is a difficult one to crack, and South Pacific Pictures and the writers have achieved that," said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

The Brokenwood Mysteries, 4 x 2 hrs, South Pacific Pictures for Prime          $4,116,000

WIFT members Imagination TV will make another series of Grand Designs.

Grand Designs NZ 2, 10 x 1 hr, Imagination Television for TV3,  $900,000

And finally... AC Productions have received the greenlight for their war stories production.

Great War Stories 3 & 4, 14 x 3 mins, AC Productions for TV3, $197,108