NZFC Production Funding

Posted Monday 21 Dec 2015

Congratulations to WIFT members Emma Slade and Alyx Duncan and Catherine Madigan and Gaylene Preston for securing NZFC Production Funding for these projects:

Lonely Girl

An isolated young woman accidentally runs down and injures a suspected killer. Fuelled partly by terror and partly by attraction, she locks him in her basement.  Then she decides to keep him. Lonely Girl is a New Zealand/Australian co-production from producers Emma Slade (New Zealand) and Sam Jennings (Australia), writer Lynne Vincent McCarthy and directed by Alyx Duncan.

My Year With Helen
Ranked within the top 25 most powerful women in the world according to the Forbes list, Helen Clark is at the forefront of global change in 2016. Award-winning writer and director, Gaylene Preston will take us behind the scenes of the UN in this critical year. My Year With Helen will be produced by Preston and Catherine Madigan with Alex Behse as Executive Producer.