Film Up Script Development - DEADLINE!

Posted Monday 16 Feb 2015



Following on from a successful inaugural year, STS are delighted to call for applications for FilmUp Script Development, a dynamic multi-faceted programme that significantly up-skills producers and script editors who want to hone their skills in story development.

They warmly welcome back renowned story consultant and acting/directing coach Brita McVeigh who will helm the programme, providing engaged one-on-one coaching.
She's a genuine collaborator. Every project is different and Brita's skill is that she knows how to find the weak spots and strengthen them. She knows how to work closely on the script with the writer/director, or in rehearsal with the cast, to enhance the vision - that's how she worked with Taika on 'Boy'. - Ainsley Gardiner

The programme is built on the understanding that story knowledge in itself is simply not enough. Practitioners who excel in script development possess skills that are harder to come across, and it is these skills that enable a robust development process that strengthens the project.

For this reason, they deliver an exciting practice-based programme that will support New Zealand producers and script developers, help identify and strengthen their individual process, and at the same time ensure that this process yields results.

One-on-one coaching that supports the development of a feature project will sit at the heart of programme and be supplemented with facilitated group work, round tables with esteemed filmmakers, and a one-day intensive with a renowned Australian script editor.

It's a rare and precious thing to have someone to discuss my work with as I'm doing it and I feel like the mentorship has not only accelerated my learning but also profoundly deepened it. - Julie Alp, 2014 Script Development participant.

Click here for full information and apply now.

FilmUp 2015 is made possible with financial assistance from the New Zealand Film Commission.




Next Up...

Wellington Based Writer Wanted

Posted Monday 16 Feb 2015

Script Editor looking for Writer with a well developed storyline for a feature screenplay either in treatment or first draft format.

Writer must have the time and commitment to work on their project, in conjunction with the Script Editor, as part of the Script-to-Screen Film Up Script Development Scheme.

Please review the requirements for the Film Up Script Development scheme at

If you are interested and can commit to all that is required in terms of time and output, please email me your CV with full contact details.

I want to know the genre of the story you have in mind and at what stage of development it is at, by 21st February, including any previous development on it.

I will also need you to confirm that you have the time, running up the Script-to-Screen application deadline of 9 March, to work on the application with me.

Please understand that being attached to a Script Editor is no guarantee that the application for Script-to-Screen will be successful.


Contact: Maya Hammarsal Email: