Wellington Based Writer Wanted

Posted Monday 16 Feb 2015

Script Editor looking for Writer with a well developed storyline for a feature screenplay either in treatment or first draft format.

Writer must have the time and commitment to work on their project, in conjunction with the Script Editor, as part of the Script-to-Screen Film Up Script Development Scheme.

Please review the requirements for the Film Up Script Development scheme at http://www.script-to-screen.co.nz

If you are interested and can commit to all that is required in terms of time and output, please email me your CV with full contact details.

I want to know the genre of the story you have in mind and at what stage of development it is at, by 21st February, including any previous development on it.

I will also need you to confirm that you have the time, running up the Script-to-Screen application deadline of 9 March, to work on the application with me.

Please understand that being attached to a Script Editor is no guarantee that the application for Script-to-Screen will be successful.


Contact: Maya Hammarsal Email:  Functionallives@mac.com