WIFTI 2015 Showcase Finalists.

Posted Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

Congratulations to WIFT member Jackie van Beek whose film UPHILL has been selected from 869 entries for the 10th anniversary WIFTI international showcase. Jackie also recently won Best Actor at the Show Me Shorts awards for her performance in the film, so a great start to the year for her and well done.

Jackie and her producer, Aaron Watson, made UPHILL on Fresh 30 funding from the NZFC.

They shot the film on location in Arthur's Pass at Jackie's family bach. It is a story of a woman who retreats to the mountains after the death of her husband, but her plans of isolation are thwarted when another couple turns up to spend the night.


Here is a link to the list of finalists page: http://mediafusionent.com/WIFTIShortcaseFinalists.html

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact:

Producers: Carol Bidault de l'Isle and Sheri Leigh Myers

Women In Film & Television International Short Film Showcase (WIFTI Short-Case)

Email: wiftishowcase@gmail.com


Next Up...

Loading Docs Is back - Announcement Soon..

Posted Tuesday 20 Jan 2015

Keep an eye on this link https://www.facebook.com/loadingdocs?fref=ts and on the WIFT website for the Loading Docs announcement in the next few days so you can see the list of projects selected for this year's showcase.

Meanwhile here are a few cheering facts from the Loading Docs team  that should encourage us all, especially female directors!  This is what equality looks like and we like it...


The gender spread of submissions to Loading Docs had 48% assigned a woman Director to the project. (either solo or as a co-director)

50% of submissions had a woman assigned as Producer. (either solo or as co-producer)

Of the successful applications 6 of the 10 films have a  woman assigned as Director. (either solo or as a co-director)

50% of the successful submissions had a woman assigned as Producer. (either solo or as co-producer)


(nb. Multiple applications by the same team were counted as individual statistical events.)