Record number of WIFT members in NZIFF

Posted Wednesday 01 Jul 2015

We think it's a record this year - FIVE WIFT members have feature films in the 2015 NZIFF. And many members have shorts as well before the main events. If it's not a record, well it's a damn fine effort. If you want to find out more - and book tickets of course - open the links below in your browser for screening times, locations and dates.

The films (in alphabetical order) are:

Some Kind of Love - Producer, Sumner Burstyn

Acclaimed London artist and designer Yolanda Sonnabend is obliged to share the grand family home she's made so flamboyantly her own with her scientist brother in this new doco from This Way of Life team, Sumner and Thomas Burstyn. For more info check out the separate story about Sumner in the 7 July issue of E News and on the website.

The Price of Peace  - Producer, Christina Milligan

A documentary about Tame Iti and the Urewera Four, taking a criminal case of national interest to explore a greater social issue.

Return of the Free China Junk - Director/Producer, Robin Greenberg

A historic wooden Chinese sailing junk that crossed the Pacific in 1955 makes an even more improbable return journey after the family of its original sailors campaign to save it from the scrapheap and bring it home.

Tom Who? The Enigma of Tom Kreisler - Director/Producer, Shirley Horrocks

Shirley Horrocks' doco sheds new light on the life and art of Tom Kreisler, a 20th-century New Zealand painter with scant interest in landscape but a strong affinity with Mexican traditions and the wit and verve of Pop Art.

Turbo Kid - Producer, Tim Riley

In the post-apocalyptic future of 1997, Turbo Kid must face down an evil warlord and rescue the girl of his dreams. This retro sci-fi delight is packed with heart, humour and non-stop geysers of blood.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, buy a ticket and support your fellow WIFT members this year!