Managing the Film Dollars and Sense

Posted Saturday 06 Jun 2015

Film Financial Management for Producers and their Production Teams  - Auckland & Wellington organised by NZ Film Commission.

Please RSVP to as numbers will be limited confirming whether you wish to attend Auckland or Wellington and the names of the people attending.

An integrated approach to film financial management for production teams.

This course, run by MoneyPenny, is aimed at emerging producers or experienced producers who want a clearer understanding of the international standards applied to the financial management of films. This 6 hour program is intended to demystify the balance sheet or statement of investors' funds and give producers a clear understanding of how the expectations of the NZFC, the completion guarantors, the lenders and private investors can be met.

Producers are encouraged to attend together with their line producer/production manager and accountant/bookkeeper as this course will show the team how to work together in a more streamlined way.

What will be covered:

Development accounting

The budget (not budgeting but software choices, when budget finishes and cost reporting begins)

Cashflow and drawdown schedule

Multi-currency investment or spend

Company set-up and company director responsibilities

Establishing a centralised production data base to minimize double entering

Purchase orders


Cloud-based accounting

Complete transparency of financial position whether your accountant is in the office or not

Producer ownership of the cost report

The paperless office - digital in-trays and filing cabinet

Be audit ready - online audit

Optimising the New Zealand Screen Production Grant ("NZSPG")

Meeting IRD requirements including GST, withholding tax etc

Development company accounting



Auckland Monday 6th July 2015

10am - 5.30pm

Unitec Institute of Technology

Carrington Road Entry 4

Mt Albert

Lecture Theatre 180-B001

Wellington Wednesday 8th July


Massey University

Wallace Street, Entrance B

Lecture Theatre 4B06