MINDFOOD Tackles Gender Bias

Posted Monday 08 Jun 2015

MF0715-POS COVER-MerylStreep-NZ


There's a great read coming up in July's issue of Mindfood; an in depth look at gender bias in the film industry. The article covers a whole range of wonderful women in the industry and how we are now taking a stand, from pay parity to the portrayal of female characters on screen. Meryl Streep draws attention to her plight to turn the spotlight on inequality in Hollywood and beyond, and what her plans are by way of change. Cate Blanchett rejects the notion that female driven films are niche. Daina Reid voices concern about how many women directors must give up, beaten down by the struggle.  Our own talented Jackie van Beek also features, along with her thoughts on the difficulties of being a female filmmaker. With her feature film The Inland Road very proudly touting a 70 percent female crew, Jackie has extremely current insight on this topic. And there are some great behind the scenes photos from the film, if you fancy a sneak peak. Get your hands on this mag, out now, it's well worth checking out; encouraging, insightful, and informative. And keep an eye out for the wee note from WIFT national manager, Patricia Watson who also speaks up on behalf of WIFT members, and women in the industry.