One week to go to enter Show Me Shorts!!

Posted Saturday 06 Jun 2015

There's only one week left to enter films into Show Me Shorts. The late deadline is 15 June and the final extended deadline is 1 July. Films are flooding in from around the world (over 600 already) so get in quick!

For those wanting to watch short films on your computer, tablet or phone check out SMS' latest Screening Room where Clayton Barnett laughs his way through some award-winning comedies.

For filmmakers: If you've ever been on a film set slipping into overtime as the sky darkens and the rain starts, you'll appreciate the importance of proper scheduling. Aspiring short film makers can learn more about how to actually do this in the most recent Filmmaker Resources Article - Live or Die by Your Shooting Schedule. Be sure to read this and all SMS's other great Filmmaker Resources articles too.