Something good on the telly

Posted Tuesday 23 Jun 2015

Now this is worth switching the telly on for - or catching it on demand. BOTH WORLDS is produced by our own WIFT member Julia Parnell and Notable Pictures, for TV3.

BOTH WORLDS is a fascinating documentary series about young adult, second-generation kiwis who are at a cross roads. On Saturdays at 10.30am, BOTH WORLDS, now in it's fourth season, offers a very personal insight, into the opinions, dreams, and fears of the individuals, and how they fit in their communities.

From an aspiring politician to a beauty queen and everything in between, the series presents a dynamic collection of surprising, funny and poignant personal stories about kiwis either living a culture clash or enjoying the best of both worlds.

Coming up this Saturday, Samoan/Tokelauan-Kiwi Taofia Pelesasa presents a controversial play to his Tokelauan community that goes against everything they believe in by representing a future in which their island homeland is lost to climate change and submerged forever. Find out whether he gets his people's blessing to go ahead with his play, on BOTH WORLDS.