2015's MIFF 37 degree South Market Applications Open

Posted Monday 16 Mar 2015

Are you a producer seeking to:

  • Advance your film script's financing with sales agents and distributors at 37�South: Bridging the Gap?
  • Have your completed film viewed by sales agents and distributors at 37�South: Breakthru Screenings
  • Source new content ideas from publishers at  37�South's Books at MIFF and screenwriters at 37�South: PostScript&Direct?

Time to apply for 2015's MIFF 37�South Market!

Early-bird deadline is 20 April 2015 - Click here: MIFF 37�South Market Applications Open

MIFF 37�South Market is the exclusive Australia/NZ partner of London's Production Finance Market (PFM)

Contact details:

woods@miff.com.au / www.miffpremierefund.com / www.miff37degreesSouth.com

37 South flyer: http://miff.com.au/assets/2012/Industry/37S/37southbrochure_2012final.pdf