C'mon ChCh!

Posted Monday 30 Mar 2015

It's time for our lovely Christchurch members (and everyone else of course) to dig deep for WIFT Christchurch member, Margarita Olkhovsky (see the member's profiles on the WIFT homepage) She is in post-production on her short film, Defiance, which was done in collaboration with Christchurch-based fashion designer, Massey Williams. It is about a person accomplishing great things against the odds and uniting people together to overcome hostility and injustice through willpower in place of violence.

It gave over 80 Christchurch based crew and cast a unique experience, bringing students and professionals together. And now they need just that extra bit of help to lift it off the ground and screen it to the public! See the 10 second epic preview at their kickstarer campaign to raise awareness and funds for the project and help them out!


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African Film Festival Giveaway!

Posted Monday 30 Mar 2015

Marilyn McFadyn is a WIFT member and the powerhouse behind the first ever African Film Festival in New Zealand. From April 9-15 they are planning seven nights of magic cinema,  with a variety of films across all genres, including some from women directors and producers from across the African continent.

All screenings are at the Rialto Cinema in Newmarket - one of WIFT's valuable discount providers so even more reason to go along!

This is the first time a festival exclusively dedicated to films from the African continent has ever been shown in NZ and even better the African Film Festival NZ have two great films by and about woman that we have some giveaways for, so read on....

Calypso Rose: Lioness of the Jungle and The Supreme Price are both being screened on Sunday  April 12th.

Calypso Rose:

Calypso Rose, the ambassador of Caribbean music, is a living legend, a charismatic character and the uncontested diva of Calypso Music.

Traveling with Rose from Paris to New York via Trinidad, Tobago and back to Africa, in each place, we learn a little more about the many faces and facets of her life. It is a film not only about memory, the exchange and discovery of world cultures, but also the journey of a militant and authentic woman, an Afro-Caribbean soul, an exemplary artist, far from the glitz and glitter, at the dawn of her life.


Question: In which country was Calypso Rose born?

The Supreme Price:

The Supreme Price is a featured length documentary film that traces the evolution of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Nigeria and efforts to increase the participation of women in leadership roles. Following the annulment of her father's victory in Nigeria's Presidential Elections and her mother's assassination by agents of military dictatorship, Hafsat Abiola faces the challenge of transforming a corrupt culture of governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria's most marginalized population: women.


Question: What is the relationship between Hafsat Abiola and the woman assassinated by Nigeria's military agents?

You can enter one or the other just so we have enough tickets to go around - so choose ONE answer and email it in the subject line to: office@wiftnz.org.nz by 5 pm Thursday 2 April. Winners only will be notified