C'mon ChCh!

Posted Monday 30 Mar 2015

It's time for our lovely Christchurch members (and everyone else of course) to dig deep for WIFT Christchurch member, Margarita Olkhovsky (see the member's profiles on the WIFT homepage) She is in post-production on her short film, Defiance, which was done in collaboration with Christchurch-based fashion designer, Massey Williams. It is about a person accomplishing great things against the odds and uniting people together to overcome hostility and injustice through willpower in place of violence.

It gave over 80 Christchurch based crew and cast a unique experience, bringing students and professionals together. And now they need just that extra bit of help to lift it off the ground and screen it to the public! See the 10 second epic preview at their kickstarer campaign to raise awareness and funds for the project and help them out!