Jackie Van Beek is WIFTI Winner

Posted Monday 16 Mar 2015

Jackie van Beek


Huge congratulations to WIFT member Jackie Van Beek who headed off over 800 other films to win the Short Case Producer's award at this year's 10th anniversary WIFTI Showcase. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of Jackie's talent and energy and a real boost for WIFT members everywhere.

First Prize ($1,000): Uphill

Director: Jackie Van Beek
WIFT New Zealand

Desperate to be alone, May escapes to a tiny hut in the mountains, but her peace is destroyed when another couple turns up for the night.

The other winners are:

Second Prize ($500): Hunger

Director: Matilde Rousseau
FCTV Paris (France)

In a grim not-so-distant dystopia, all food distribution is rigidly controlled. Table scraps are monitored to guard against waste. Despite tomorrow's compulsory medical check-up, worker Jean-Paul rebels by secretly cooking forbidden food. His friend Nathan arrives to enjoy the delicious dinner. The next day, they may bear the consequences, but Jean-Paul will relish the memory.

Third Prize ($250): Mbeti: The Road to Kisesini

Director: Ann Bromberg
New Mexico WIF

In Kenya and other African countries, many newborns die within the first year of life - usually from infection or other preventable causes. This compelling documentary is designed to engage a diverse international audience with a powerful visual narrative.

Best from an Emerging Chapter (Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East)

Director: Ranjitha Rajeevan
WIFT India

Animated tale of a young girl dealing with the issue of self-determination. Ponnu is fascinated by Pottan Theyyam, an ancient rebel who stood for equality. She dreams to be like him, dance like him, but she is realizing how hard it is for "her" to be like "him."

Congratulations to the winners and all of our talented women storytellers from all over the world.