Show Me Shorts tours NZ films to Canada

Posted Monday 02 Mar 2015



A selection of New Zealand short films will screen at the prestigious REGARD International Film Festival in Canada this month. Gina Dellabarca, director of Show Me Shorts Film Festival, will attend as a special guest of the festival and present the selection of seven short films she has curated. WIFT member Jackie van Beek's film Uphill has been chosen.

REGARD is considered one of the top five film festivals in Canada. This is the 19th edition of REGARD, which runs from 11-15 March. Dellabarca will introduce the New Zealand short films screening in a special section of the programme called Carte Blanche on 13 March.

"REGARD is always looking for talent and new projects. That's why we are now pleased to mark the tenth anniversary of Show Me Shorts, presenting this selection to our audience here, who are already very curious about it. Several bridges exist between Quebec and New Zealand cinema: small and lively, these two industries are able to create great works. We are really excited to present these original short films that will mostly be screened for the first time in Canada and which offer a window on the quality of New Zealand cinema," says Melissa Bouchard, programming director at REGARD International Film Festival.

The films selected for screening at REGARD are: Coconut by Charlie Bleakley, Queenie by Paul Neason, Dive by Matthew Saville, Uphill by Jackie van Beek, In The Rubbish Tin by Riwia Brown, Eleven by Abigail Greenwood, and Ross and Beth by Hamish Bennett. "Finding an audience for your film is a crucial part of the filmmaking process," says van Beek. "It's fantastic that Show Me Shorts not only programmes and tours film in New Zealand but also identifies international opportunities for the works they select."

"This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with Canadians and further cement New Zealand's reputation as one of the top short film making countries in the world," says Dellabarca. "I will also be flying the flag as an ambassador for our local short film community at every opportunity."

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