Welcome to New Members (1) (2)

Posted Tuesday 31 Mar 2015

Members are our life blood so it's always a treat to do a review over the last few months and find a healthy list of newbies and returnees to the WIFT family.  A huge weclome to you all (and welcome back if you've been away for a bit). We are so please to have you on board and look forward to meeting you in person at some of the upcoming events this year.

SO a big Tena Koutou to:

Elsie Grant, Robin Scholes, Vincent Ward, Eleisha McNeill, Kyrie Barker, Tess Bullen, Maile Daugherty, Yael Trelease, Harriet Crampton, Christina Andreef, Diana Byrne, Kate Larkindale, Bonnie Tonkin, Allie Simpson, Anna Currie, Fiona McKee, Raewyn Tong, Emma Smart, Amy Bowie, Rebekah Tyler, Rachel Antony, Amber Marie Smith, Penny Ashbrook, Theo Gordon, Shoshana McCallum, Nicola Lemberg, Sarah Hunter, Polly Fryer, Melanie Chuter, Rachel Blampied, Maxine Chan-Salmanzadeb, Onehou Strickland, Francesca Riley, Cass Avery, Nicola Olsen, Alison Titulaer, Tess Rencen, Helena Bethune