WIFT members among the Loading Docs 2015 filmmakers, looking to get Boosted.

Posted Monday 02 Mar 2015

This year we have four talented WIFT members, across three different projects, successful in landing themselves a Loading Docs slot.

If you feel at all inclined to support these filmmakers here is your chance to help get these projects off the ground!!

10 short documentary teams have been selected to participate in Loading Docs 2015.  Each project has to raise $2000 from crowd funding, and once this target is met, Loading Docs will contribute another $4000 worth of production funds, plus a post production package at Toybox and Sale St Audio. Each project will also receive ongoing mentoring and support through the production process.

These crowd funding campaigns are run through the arts funding website Boosted.org.nz, and will run for one month, ending on April 1st. The documentaries will be completed in the first half of the year, and released in July.

Conversations With Pets

Directors Justin Hawkes & Ian Hart, WIFT member Producer Hayley Cunningham

Filmmaker location: Auckland

Documentary location: Christchurch


Imagine if you could have a conversation with your pet... Faye Rogers can.


World renowned animal communicator Faye Rogers can converse with animals telepathically, over the phone, living or even dead. Conversations with Pets explores Faye's connection with her own pets. Will Faye's own animals, past and present, open up on camera? Conversations With Pets is Dr Doolittle meets Babe, Turner and Hooch meets Ghost in short documentary form.


Killer App

Director/Producers Wendell Cooke,  WIFT member Jeremy Macey

Filmmaker location: Wellington

Documentary location: Wellington


Over hot drinks and a potluck afternoon tea, a group of senior Wellingtonians discuss the best ways to die.


The Wellington members of Exit International, a voluntary euthanasia organisation, meet several times a year and, over cups of tea and potluck snacks, discuss the latest developments in the world of euthanasia. Killer App will go behind the contemporary debate - should voluntary euthanasia be legal? - and show how these lively, independent-minded people are responding to the current situation. Their connection with each other is evident: in addition to trading information and tips, Exit members give each other much-needed emotional support and laughter while sharing their own 'exit plans'. How would we feel in their situation, and what are our hopes and fears around our own mortality?


No Lights, No Lycra

WIFT members Director Rowena Baines, Producer Paula Jones

Filmmaker location: Auckland

Documentary location: Auckland


We all go a little wilder when we think nobody is watching.


In a vacuum of light, a group of shower-singing, lounge-lunging individuals lose their inhibitions and cast off their social masks. It's called "No Lights, No Lycra" - a weekly hour of intense free dancing in the dark at Auckland's Grey Lynn Hall. When the doors are closed, lights are turned off and the music starts, the reaction of the crowd is electric. The transformative power of dance is evident at the end as sweaty, elated people burst out into the fresh night air, laughter and steam pouring out with them. No Lights No Lycra follows a first-timer's experience, taking us from a sleepy Auckland suburb to the 'explosion' of the dance. We all get a little wilder when nobody's watching.