Hot Air now on YouTube

Posted Monday 25 May 2015

HOT AIR, the longform documentary about the politics of climate change in New Zealand, produced by WIFT member Alister Barry, is now on Youtube for free.

After a sellout Wellington premiere at the International Film Festival, and nomination as a finalist in the NZ Film Awards Best Documentary and Best  Editing,  HOT AIR won the 2013 Bruce Jesson Senior Journalism Award.

Describing its strong use of dramatic news archive and interviews as 'riveting and compelling' judges and critics praised its detailed coverage of conflict and intrigue between government and  powerful business players.

HOT AIR chronicles the campaigns mounted by business leaders to delay and obstruct the efforts of  National and Labour governments to slow down global warming.

Fearful that a carbon tax and similar proposals would cut their profits, the men in charge of some of New Zealand's biggest businesses hired local and foreign propagandists and climate-change deniers to discredit scientific reports and reverse  growing popular and political support for action to reduce global warming.

"We have put HOT AIR up online for free because we want as many of our fellow citizens to understand just how come we have done so little about climate change over the last twenty years." says producer and co director Alister Barry.

"By understanding why we have failed so badly, we can all understand better how to demand urgent action now from our current political leaders."

Watch HOT AIR now at

Next Up...

WIFT members take part in this year's Documentary Edge Festival

Posted Monday 25 May 2015

We are excited to share that we have some very talented WIFT members involved in a number of documentaries at this year's Documentary Edge Festival.

The immensely popular and successful Hip Hop-eration, produced by Paul Jones, can be seen on Friday 29th May at 8.30pm. BUT there is a real treat if you get there early for the Documentary Edge Awards at 7.30pm - a LIVE performance by the Hip Hop-eration crew!


The Day that Changed My Life, produced by Polly Fryer, is a confronting, compelling and poignant story of how the tragic day of the Christchurch Earthquake unfolded. Together, with the beautiful and uplifting Voices of Children (short), directed by Anna Cottrell, can be seen on the 24th of May at 12.45pm, 27th of May at 2pm, & the 30th of May at 12.30pm.


And last but not least we've got The Contract, by Rowena Baines, a short Portuguese dance documentary, with English subtitles. You are only as old as the man you dance with�


Get along if you want an eye-opening and interesting time!