Last Wellington Writers Room for the Year

Posted Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

Writing of any sort can be a lonely process. From that initial FADE IN, to hashing out that final, closest-to-perfect draft, writing a film is often a long and arduous journey.

How do you keep the passion that drives you to create, while giving so much attention to structure and precision? And how can you ensure that your work stands out despite the pitfalls of inexperience?

Three NZ screenwriters with a feature film under their belt discuss taking that leap of faith. Briar Grace-Smith (THE STRENGTH OF WATER), Max Currie (EVERYTHING WE LOVED), and Emily Perkins (THE REHEARSAL) talk to screenwriter and playwright Ken Duncum (DUGGAN, BLUE SKY BOYS) about their experiences, what they wish they knew then, and how the writing process changes while you develop as a writer.

Join in from 5:30pm for a glass of wine and stay afterwards for a slice of pizza on STS.

Wed 18 November, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, 84 Taranaki Street. $5 koha appreciated (includes a glass of wine). Drinks 5:30pm, talk 6-7pm.

So You're Writing your First Feature was the most popular discussion from STS' Auckland Writers' Room series so make sure you secure your place - this will be equally popular!


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