Posted Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

NZ On Screen has launched an Animation collection, featuring a range of animated films, TV shows,

commercials and music videos.

Included are the trailer for the first animated feature in 30 years, first animated primetime TV show, an Oscar-nominated short, and other key moments from NZ animated screen history. The collection features one kiwi,

a giant ape, at least two iconic dogs, and a man-eating shark.

Released in 1986, New Zealand's first animated feature film was Footrot Flats, based on the Murray Ball

comic strip of the same name.

In the same year, National Film Unit short The Frog, the Dog and the Devil was nominated for an Academy

Award, earning international praise.

In 2004, bro'Town was similarly ground-breaking, becoming our first animated sitcom, and the first local

animation series to screen in primetime.

The collection pays homage to artist Len Lye, with a documentary on his work, and an innovative

piece from 1939 set to jazz number Swinging the Lambeth Walk.

Other musical highlights include Len Lye-inspired animation by Chris Knox, the 1985 video for

Peking Man's Room that Echoes, and the opening titles for Grunt Machine and Radio with Pictures.

Also featured are classic TV ads, including KFC's Hugo and Holly (said 'you go'), the National Party's

infamous 1975 Dancing Cossacks campaign, and the dancing Mr Dollar, introduced in 1966 to help

NZers transition to decimal currency.

And of course the collection wouldn't be complete without the iconic Goodnight Kiwi.

You can see the full Animation collection here.