If you are applying for SEED...

Posted Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

And need some inspiration - look no further than this year's SWANZ Winners. Wift members Roseanne Liang and Anna Nuria Francino both featured and you can too. Check out the closing date and criteria on noticeboard and get your applicaiton in!

The full list of winners are:

  • FEATURE FILM SCRIPT - Jason Howden Deathgasm
  • SHORT FILM SCRIPT - Tim Worrall Tits on a Bull
  • PLAY - Dave Armstrong Central
  • NZ on Air - TELEVISION COMEDY EPISODE - Roseanne Liang Flat 3: The Game
  • NZ on Air - TELEVISION DRAMA EPISODE - Tim Balme The Brokenwood Mysteries: Sour Grapes
  • UNPRODUCED FEATURE FILM SCRIPT COMP - Anna Nuria Francino & Siobhan Marshall Bara / Honourable Mention - Jeremy Wadzinski The Last Surrender
  • NEW WRITER - Guy McDouall Feeder
  • NZWG INDUSTRY CHAMPION - Steven Gannaway

Next Up...

Bustin' Out at The Basement

Posted Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Our generous discount provider The Basement theatre is presenting Young and Hungry - a festival of hot new talent. The 21st Narcissus and The First 7500 Days of My Life will be back-to-back throughout the next two weeks (including Mondays!) so you'll have ample opportunity to catch these two genuinely fantastic shows. Mention your WIFT membership when you book to receive your discount.

Read up on some of the kind things the critics are already saying about Y&H 2015 and take a look at the two groovy teasers if you haven't already. And if you haven't yet reached your selfie quota this week OR if you've ever suspected you'd look great with Saraid Cameron's hair, you're in for a treat - they now have two face-in-hole photo booths set up in the bar for you to goof around with before and after the shows.

Finally Snort will be on Friday as usual and then DJ James Risbey will be bumpin nasty tracks 'til 2 AM. They have some drink specials in the works for late Friday nights so stay tuned for some boozy new developments over the new few weeks.