New funding guidelines on NZFC website

Posted Friday 23 Oct 2015

Money, money, money - how to source it, apply for it and get your production funded - it's all available now on the NZFC website at Pop this address into your browser and click your way through a comprehensive and up to date page that has all you need to know about funding a film.

All the funds are there, the criteria, the paperwork you have to provide (yawn yes, we know it's not very creative, but when public money is involved there has to be a process) and the all important deadline dates for applications.

SO no excuses for your short film limping along with favours and freebies and promises of a free ticket to a sceening (though we all know those are still useful weapons in the armoury of an independent film makers' war kit).

Get your head around all the details and get that application in! We want 2016 to be the year that WIFT members secure a significant slice of the public funding pie!

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Show Me Shorts Hotting Up

Posted Friday 23 Oct 2015

Show Me Shorts Film Festival has announced the line-up for their 10th anniversary event, which takes place across the country from 11 November and, fittingly, includes ten world premieres.

The festival's 40 top local and international shorts will be joined by six New Zealand music videos, to play in 22 cinemas across Aotearoa, from Dargaville to Stewart Island.

Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2015 launches at The Civic in Auckland on 11 November, when the winners of the Show Me Shorts Awards will also be announced. As New Zealand's only Academy Awards� accredited film festival, the recipient of the coveted Lightbox Best Film Award will be eligible to enter the Oscars�.

Here is an announcement of some films that will have their world or NZ premiere in their festival this year.  And here is the  new partnership with Lightbox that allows New Zealanders to view short films from their back catalogue.

SMS also have some rugby-themed short films up in the Screening Room. Just in time for the Rugby World Cup!  And for filmmakers looking to get more bang for their buck, there is a Filmmaker Resources article explaining how to build buzz for your short film.

All dates and the full list of 22 cinema locations across Aotearoa are now available, so check the list and put them in your diary now.