Posted Monday 28 Sep 2015

Calling Producers, Production Companies, Filmmakers & Studios - spots are now booking for the 2015 NZWG Writer Showcase Day on 9 October 2015


- IN AUCKLAND for SWANZ & Big Screen Symposium?


  • - Writers to work on your projects?
  • - Stories/Projects by writers for you to develop?
  • - Creative partnerships with writers?

The Writer Showcase aims to match-up writers with industry members to build creative relationships, showcase writers' work - including spec scripts, props and treatments - and provide writers for existing projects.

INTENT:  To create a platform that will showcase exciting new projects and their writers, and writers looking for work, that will attract interest from producers, production companies, other filmmakers and studios.

Online Showcase - NZWG website writer profiles & project outlines
Showcase Event - Scheduled meetings between writers and interested and credited producers and production companies. This event is scheduled to coincide with the Script Writer Awards NZ the night before and the Big Screen Symposium 10 & 11 October 2015.

The appointments between writers and producers are co-ordinated by the NZWG Contact NZWG for details

Next Up...

NZ Web Fest - the web series and online video event

Posted Monday 28 Sep 2015

Tickets are now available for the inaugural New Zealand Web Fest (#nzwf2015). ***

With over 40 Web Fests held around the world each year, it's now time to create this event here in New Zealand to promote web series and online video to local audiences and to recognise and celebrate local content creators.

New Zealand is a leader in digital content with NZ web series High Road currently leading the Web Series World Cup; and local YouTubers Jamie Curry (Jamie's World) and Shaaanxo being followed by millions around the world, and a Web Fest event is the perfect opportunity for audiences and creators to get together to learn, watch, discuss and celebrate digital storytelling.

What is the Event?

NZ Web Fest is a fun, inspiring and informative day event of screenings, speakers and celebrations.

Throughout the day there will be screenings of web series and YouTube channel awards finalists and web series premieres.

Leading web series creators and YouTubers will inspire with their stories and they along with others aligned with the business of digital content will inform on practical issues around marketing, growing audiences, distribution, creation, technology, funding, revenue options and budgeting - and more.

To top off the day there will be a  celebration of web series and YouTube champions over drinks and canapes.

Who Should Attend?

If you're involved in, interested in, or a fan of video content in any way - this is a must-attend event.

NZ Web Fest is a one day event for web series and video content creators, YouTubers and fans and those interested and wanting to learn more about digital story telling - and most of all, those wanting to be entertained by indie web TV.

You'll be entertained, inspired and informed on the business, marketing and technology of digital storytelling.

About the Organisers:

The NZ Web Fest is created and presented by Fiona Powell, founder and publisher, NZ Web Series Channel ( http://webserieschannel.co.nz/), Web Show Central.tv ( http://webshowcentral.tv/) and Keith Barclay, founder and editor, SCREENZ ( http://www.screenz.co.nz/).

NZ Web Fest Event Details

Early Bird Tickets on sale now at: NZ Web Fest ( www.NZwebfest.com) or Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/nz-web-fest-2015-tickets-18601215737

(Limited Early Bird Tickets will be available until 14 October, or until sold out. Ticket includes lunch and 5pm Awards Presentation with drinks & canapes).

The organisers are "super excited" to bring you this event - and they are looking forward to seeing you there!