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Posted Monday 28 Sep 2015


CASE STUDY: The Ground We Won - Check out this special session at BSS:

WIFT member Miriam Smith (and Chris Pryor) share the discovery driven process that shaped their poignant and confronting sophomore documentary THE GROUND WE WON.

The Ground We Won was 100% crafted from moments gleaned from people's daily lives, nothing was ever constructed or scripted - so in this sense it is a genuine collaboration with the community we film with, as we learn from these people and their world, rather than forcing our preconceived notions/perspectives on them." - Miriam Smith

Described as " a startling, ferociously intelligent, disturbing, heart-warming and hauntingly beautiful piece of filmmaking," THE GROUND WE WON has been critically acclaimed both in NZ and internationally - garnering five-star reviews and winning places at prestigious international festivals including Melbourne, Locarno and Warsaw.

Moving to Reporoa for a year to film THE GROUND WE WON, filmmakers Miriam Smith and Chris Pryor built an intimate relationship with the local community that enabled them to explore the central question of the film - "How do we prove ourselves to be men?"  Miriam and Chris honed their instincts around when to push further and when to pull back while filming their "characters", and brought a considered aesthetic view to the mercurial landscape of documentary-making.  In this session they discuss the full circle of their discovery driven process with fellow filmmaker Gaylene Preston.

Miriam's full biography.

Moderated by Gaylene Preston

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