If you think the year has gone quickly...

Posted Tuesday 29 Sep 2015

Spare a thought for the hardworking staff at WIFT - who have been so busy they haven't welcome all our lovely new members for some months!  SO it is with great pride, thanks and joy that we welcome all these new (and returning members) to the WIFT family:

Alana Henderson, Alex Short, Ainsley Gardiner, Aliesha Staples, Anchali Anandanayagam, Andrea Lamb, Anna Marbrook, Anna Canton, Annabelle Robertson, Ayobami Adesanya, Brooke Chichester, Cameo England, Catherine Robinson, Catherine Bates, Charlotte McLoughlin, Charlotte Gray, Chris Tyson, Cong Zhang, Debra Hansen, Felicia Brunsting, Fiona Mckenzie, Fiona Thomas, Georgina Conder, Geraldene Peters, Hamish Mortland, Hannah Brewer, Harriet McDonald, Helen Wild, Irene Gardiner, Jane Holland, Jo Pilkington, Jude Mclaren, Julie Clark, Katarina White, Kathleen Winter, Kirsten McLaren, Kristina Hard, Kylie Cooke, Larissa Barbour, Leanne Saunders, Lesley Parker, Lisa Scott, Lisa Brickell, Lizzie Kramer, Lucy Wigmore, Marcie Evans, Michael Engelbrecht, Natalia Machdoem, Nic Learmonth, Nicole Shepherd, Nicole Winer, Larianova Paige, Rachael Deller-Pincott, Rachel Ross, Rebecca Sandys, Robin Greenberg, Romani Lawson, Sarah Grohert, Sarah Jane Vercoe, Simon Boxall, Stephanie Tims, Traylen Jem Harwood, Veronica Stevenson, Vivienne Kernick, Yiding Fan.

Next Up...

Not in Kansas Anymore? No Worries!

Posted Tuesday 29 Sep 2015

As a NZ WIFT member you can still enter the Kansas City WIFT 5th annual Short Screenplay Contest. All members of a Women in Film chapter get a discount on their entry fee. Please see http://www.kcwift.com/contest/. The next deadline is October 18, 2015.

The contest has 2 goals: (1) Encourage more women to write screenplays. (2) Encourage all writers to develop female protagonists. To accomplish these goals, we offer 2 prizes:

$1,000 for Best Screenplay by a Female Writer

$500 for Best Female Protagonist (open to both men and women who can also vie for the top prize)

The contact in Kansas is: Linda Wiedmaier 2015-16 President

Kansas City Women in Film and Television