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Posted Wednesday 27 Apr 2016

Congratulations to WIFT member Anna Marbrook whose feature length film Te Mana o te Moana - The Pacific Voyagers won a world medal at the New York Film and Television awards in Las Vegas last week.

Produced by Heather Lee with Oceanic Nature Film Productions and Zoomslide, the film scooped a prize in the new documentary category of climate change and sustainability.

Te Mana o te Moana The Pacific Voyagers traces the epic two year voyage of 7 ocean going 72 foot waka as they traverse the Pacific Ocean, reviving the sailing and navigational brilliance of their ancestors. Voyaging brings the 150 strong crew close to the plight of their fragile home, the Pacific Ocean.

Anna Marbrook said:

"This film gives a voice to the people of the Pacific Ocean who live on some of the

smallest islands on the planet yet face the greatest effects of climate change. This

award is dedicated to the 150 courageous individuals and their families who

spent two years of their life sailing the Pacific following the stars, the currents, their

hearts, determined to create a powerful and sustainable future."


Te Mana o te Moana The Pacific Voyagers was conceived and financed by

Visionary German philanthropist Dieter Pullman. He built seven ocean going waka

powered by the sun and wind, equipped with solar panels and electric engines, used

only when becalmed or landing - completely fossil fuel free.  Crews were trained in

traditional wayfinding and vital knowledge was transmitted to the next generation.

Two years of preparation, two years of sailing and thousands of hours of footage later

Anna Marbrook with Zoomslide and Oceanic Nature Film Productions completed

the film.

This is a significant success for the producers, the crew and the lineage of Polynesian voyagers this project represents. They received the award alongside some of the largest American, Asian and European media companies.

Anna's series Real Pasifik also was a finalist in the awards (currently screening on Maori Television) and it received a finalist certificate.

Let's celebrate the success of another woman in film - and we hope this inspires other members to continue their amazing work.

Next Up...

The countdown begins!

Posted Wednesday 27 Apr 2016

It's just days until Doc Edge Festival kicks off in Wellington. Introducing you to some of the international guest line-up; celebrated filmmakers who will present their films and Q&A sessions after the screenings, in addition they make up the speaker panel at the Screen Edge Forum on the 13th May.

Congratulations to Kevin and Helen from Whenuapai, winning the competition to attend the Festival in Wellington, including two nights' accommodation at QT Museum Wellington.


Filmmakers attending

We are delighted to introduce a selection of the international guest speakers attending the festival this year. You can find all Q&A sessions with all our guests in our  Festival schedule


Aaron Biebert, director of A Billion Lives

Aaron Biebert is an executive producer creating compelling stories and unique ways of using digital film to get and keep the audience's attention. Making the jump from commercial productions and non-profit brand films, A Billion Lives is Aaron Biebert's first theatrical feature film in which he travelled across four continents interviewing doctors and scientists to save a billion lives.

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