Brilliant Giveaway!

Posted Tuesday 12 Apr 2016

The show is called What If There Is No Toilet and is award winning Aussie comic Felicity Ward's stand-up comedy opus on depression, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome.

Felicity is committed to talking about mental health, and in 2014 created the documentary series - Felicity's Mental Mission �- on ABC to coincide with Australia's Mental Health Week. On What If There Is No Toilet, Felicity says "This show has been a non-stop romp of connecting with people who thought they were weird. Turns out, there are heaps of us! People with IBS, depression, anxiety�This is not a Debbie Downer show. I don't get better. I just wrote some jokes about it, and it's a lovely way to enjoy being part of a mentally ill community, or to come and see what it is to be mentally ill, in a funny way"

So toilet humour at its best!

We have two doubles for this:

Thursday 28 April, 8.30pm x 2

Friday 29 April, 8.30pm x 2

Email by 5 pm Friday 15 April to be into win!