Do you have a Commonwealth story to tell?

Posted Tuesday 12 Apr 2016

Film Production Companies in the Pacific Region are being asked to put forward proposals for "Commonwealth Shorts".  And that means you!

'Commonwealth Shorts' gives emerging writers and directors an opportunity to make a film that highlights issues affecting them and their communities. The first round of films was produced in 2013 by filmmakers from the Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Kenya and New Zealand. The films explored issues of migration, indigenous rights and same-sex relationships through both drama and documentary. ?

Commonwealth Writers is looking to collaborate with a film production company to manage and deliver this project. The company should be based in the Pacific region and have experience of working at the grass roots level with new writers, directors and producers interested in local stories reaching a wider audience.

The project will run from June 2016 to June 2017, during which time the appointed company will work closely with the selected writers/directors/producers to develop and produce six short films from conceptualisation, to script writing, producing and directing (each 15 minutes max). These could be drama or documentary, depending on the original idea.

The objective of the assignment is for a production company to work with participants, initially on two islands: Tonga and Papua New Guinea.

Applications are to be submitted electronically to Bhavit Mehta

( ) by 1200 BST on Monday 25th April 2016. If you have any further questions about the project please contact Bhavit Mehta.

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CREWED magazine out now!

Posted Tuesday 12 Apr 2016

It's that time. The new edition of Crewed is out now. Your industry mag!

This month they've got articles on the people and gear behind Shortland Street's new look, micro-budget features, the joys and pains of tertiary education, Screentime's Philly de Lacey, keeping it in the family with Vic Hardy and Seru Mar, behind the scenes pics for Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Orphans & Kingdoms, Before the Darkness and more.

Just hit the links below and you'll get Crewed. In a good way.


Online magazine version (downloadable):

Website version:

And a big thank you to the advertisers: ARRI, DVT, Panasonic, Protel, Rocket Rentals and Staples Productions... they couldn't do it without you!