Latest Screentalk IV

Posted Sunday 24 Apr 2016

Long-time WIFT member Michele Fantl has just had her ScreenTalk interview uploaded at the NZ on Screen site. You can find it here.

In the interview, Michele speaks about:

� The difficult yet rewarding process of producing short film Twilight of the Gods

� Filming on Rangitoto Island for her first long-form drama, One of Them!

� Getting Rena Owen on board for Garth Maxwell's When Love Comes

� Dealing with negative reactions to the film in New Zealand

� Loving the process of producing Peter Wells' biographical film Pansy

� The challenge of working with a child actor on 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous

� Feeling that TV series Rude Awakenings got caught up in a game of executive musical chairs

� Snaring Keisha Castle-Hughes for adoption tale Piece of My Heart

� The joys of having a bigger budget for Katherine Mansfield telefilm Bliss

� Her awe at what director Welby Ings brought to short film Munted

� How being a producer means you're always looking forward