Amy Street - Launches This Week

Posted Tuesday 30 Aug 2016

WIFT members Viv Kernick and Kirsty Griffin are the powerhouse behind "AMY STREET  - more than meets the eye" that launches online Sunday September 4.  It's edited by fellow WIFT member Prisca Bouchet.

It's a series of eight short films  about nine special people  and life unscripted. It's a work in progress  - an eight-part documentary series, which centres around the lives of the residents of The Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust.

In a world where the self-called 'Life Stylers' are sometimes labelled by their disability, Amy Street turns the spotlight on the people instead of the label. Taking a real look at the colourful lives of the residents, and  their larger than life personalities. 

Each of the eight short films focuses on a different resident of Amy Street and explores their desires, challenges and relationships as they navigate a complex world.

Here is the link to the trailer on  vimeo or here it is on you tube