Board Nominations are Open

Posted Monday 15 Aug 2016

If you are a paid-up member of WIFT you will have received the email about the upcoming AGM and election of board members. You will also have received a special link so you can nominate someone (or yourself).

If for some reason you have missed out please email and Patricia will rectify this.

For your information...The AGM will be held in Wellington on 4th October so mark that in your calendars now.

Nominations close on  6th September for nomination forms to be received in the WIFT office.  As a membership organisation, governance should be of interest to all our members.  We would encourage you therefore to engage with the process and think about who you would like to lead you at Board level over the coming year.

Board members are now elected to their position for a two-year period. At the 2016 AGM the following two positions become vacant:

Auckland Region Member

Wellington Region Member

The incumbents, Jill Macnab, and Robin Laing, will be offering themselves for re-election.

The following current Board Members continue in their existing positions for the next 12 months:

Kelly Martin - President

Fiona Milburn - Auckland Region Member

Desray Armstrong - Wellington Region Member

Brenda Leeuwenberg - General Board Member

Vanessa Wells - South Island Region Member

The Board nomination form was emailed to all financial members and when completed can be scanned and sent via email to or posted to

PO Box 90 415, Auckland 1142.