CREWED magazine July issue - out now!

Posted Monday 01 Aug 2016


The latest issue has features on several WIFT members - Ness Simons, Leanne Saunders, Hugh Calveley and the team at SPP. They are a little later out than usual this month, a victim of seasonal disruptions like school holidays and wintry ailments, plus a couple of less anticipated spanners in the works. While unwelcome, the delays have enabled them to take in the early parts of this year's NZIFF in Auckland.

While they don't touch the NZIFF titles in this edition of Crewed, they have been privileged to talk with the creators of a couple of independently-made titles - Christian Nicolson's long-coming award-winning sci-fi feature This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy and Ness Simons' webseries Pot Luck. They have also caught up with recent NZFC recruit Leanne Saunders, no slouch as a producer of lower-budget features.

At the somewhat better-paying end of the spectrum, they enjoy a slice of the celebrations of the first birthday of the Rebel Fleet, the arrival of some high-end VR gear in Auckland for Staples Productions, and take a look at the tricks of the trade facilitating SPP's recreation of the 1981 Rugby Park test in Hamilton for Westside.

Rounding out this issue costume designer Barbara Darragh talks blood, sweat and more blood and editor Jai Waite reflects on a career that's taken in Attitude and winning medals in Asia and at the Olympics.

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