Dynamotion at the Basement

Posted Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

Our wonderful discount provider, The Basement, has some treats in store for you if you are suffering post NZIFF lethargy...

They finish out their Winter Season with what can only be described as gusto. Free Happiness opening this week is not so much a show but a micro-economy/performance piece where you the audience have a chance to win real cash money. You might also lose it, but what's simulated capitalism without a little risk? Brought to you, of course, by Future Hotel.

They also have your favourite comedy dance troupe Dynamotion - who performed at this year's WIFT awards. If you saw them you will know they are unmissable - if you missed them here is your chance to find out what everyone's been talking about.

They open their two-week season of  Mia Blonde in "Ice Dagger". If you've ever been to one of their shows before you know it's going to be an absolute stonker, and aim for this Saturday we reckon so you can stay after for ex Shorty Street stars DJing in the bar (Harry McNaughton aka Gerald and Liv Tennet aka Tuesday Warner). 

Have a read of the ridiculous(ly great) Dynamotion cast interview now on their blog. 

Don't forget ATC will host the 30th issue of The Watercooler this week with theme Home. A great line-up of speakers already announced (see below) and it'll once again be hosted by Alice Snedden.  Snort and Down to Clown are back in their usual Friday spots followed by the usual Friday antics. 

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Big Boost for TV Drama Production

Posted Tuesday 02 Aug 2016

Well this is a day to celebrate - every single production has WIFT members leading the charge!  Whoopee!!! And SPP will be cracking the champagne as they toast a third season of drama series Westside for TV3.

The controversial saga of the Truebridge family will continue on TV2 in Filthy Rich 2. After a cliffhanger ending to the first season there was strong demand from the loyal audience for the drama's continuation.

The brilliantly-made first series had an average 5-plus audience of 250,000 and a total of more than 700,000 on demand streams across the series, meeting NZ On Air's objective of a bold local drama engaging its audience.

A thoroughly diverse mix of stories will feature in TV ONE's Sunday Theatre slot with three new telefeatures supported from the Platinum Fund. Kiwi tells the story of a horse from humble beginnings pulling out a blinder to win the 1983 Melbourne Cup. Based in small-town New Zealand, it is also the story of Kiwi's owner, trainer and the country's first female jockey.

Resolve will bring to screens the story of Chris Crean - who stood up to gang activity in Taranaki, but paid with his life, gunned down by a gang in front of his family. The legal case that followed led to changes to witness protection.

And on a lighter, musical note Why Does Love? will take viewers on a tumultous rock'n'roll journey through the 1980s with the seminal NZ band The Exponents.

Also for TV ONE is Vermilion - a feature film about a woman composer whose condition �- synaesthesia - causes her to see colours when she plays musical notes.

"With fragmenting TV audiences, funding drama in our small market to compete against global fare is increasingly challenging. It is a tribute to our TV production sector that they make quality drama at reasonable cost, that local audiences enjoy but that also competes internationally," said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

"And after our own Diversity research  recently highlighted a lack of women in top roles, it is also particularly pleasing to support so many projects with women in executive producing, producing, writing and in the case ofVermilion, directing roles," continued Ms Wrightson.

Funding details

Filthy Rich 2, 14 x 1hr, Filthy Productions for TV2, $6,896,419
Kiwi, 1 x 2hrs, Rogue Productions for TV One, $3,043,975 (Platinum)
Resolve, 1 x 2 hrs,  Screentime New Zealand  for TV One, $2,549,955 (Platinum)
Why Does Love?, 1 x 2hrs, Great Southern Television for TV One, $2,549,330 (Platinum)
Vermilion, 1 x 2hrs, MF Films for TV One, $199,000 Westside 3, 8 x 60 South Pacific Pictures for TV 3, up to $6.583,500